Las Conchas (La Graciosa)

– Six hundred metres beach.
– Arriving on foot. Approximately one hour from Caleta del Sebo which is the capital of La Graciosa (the Archipelago island Chinijo off the northeast of Lanzarote).
– Precaution required when entering the sea.

Plano de situación

– Map.

Allocated north of La Graciosa on the main archipelago island Chinijo a mile northwest of Lanzarote. This paradise beach of Las Conchas appears out of nowhere. The sand found here is white and coarse with a rural surrounding and looks out to the nearby deserted islands of Montaña Clara and Alegranza. The view is spectacular and allows you to see the true extent of this wonderful landscape. Due to its 600 metres in length and its generous width it allows bathers to get lost in the midst of this natural oasis.

Playa de Las Conchas en La Graciosa, Lanzarote

The river that separates the north with the other islands previously mentioned make the water of Las Conchas permanently unsettled. However, bathing on this shore is very safe although we must pay agreat deal of attention when swimming with children. Its location and the predominance of strong trade winds caneffect our decision as to whether Las Conchas is an ideal choice to visit on a sunny day. On a clear day when there is a searing heat the choice to visit this beach would be very wise because the constant breeze alleviates the effects of the sun.

Las Conchas, La Graciosa, Lanzarote

You can reach Las Conchas either by foot (45 minutes), cycling (20 minutes) or by taxi from La Graciosa (5 minutes). Its privacy and its unbeatable conditions make for a perfect day by the beach, especially if with children. From ten or eleven o clock in the morning until the sun goes down, seven or eight in the evening, you can enjoy a full day on the beach. Make the most of playing all kinds of beach activities allowing you to pass the time peacefully, for example pit pat, flying a kite on the horizon of the mountain of Clara, finishing off a good book, by having a nap, by taking a stroll along the shore…

Las Conchas, La Graciosa, Lanzarote