Ironman Lanzarote

Text: Leisure Lanzarote. Photography: Ramón Pérez Niz. Ironman is the hardest triathlon in the world. This is the category given to the Ironman Lanzarote whose first event was in 1992 with 148 participants. This triathlon is a dramatic sporting event in its purest form. The 1800 ironmen and ironwomen who participate in 2013, began at 7 am to swim 2.4 miles [3.8 km], ride 112 … [Read more...]

Carnival Lanzarote

During the 40 days leading up to the Christian Lent period, the carnival takes over the island. For 10 days, the streets are filled with costumes, parades and parties. The masquerade is the most daring and intrepid party in Lanzarote. It is a time of laughter, dancing, singing, jokes and warmth, alcohol and a lot of partying. Many imitate to perfection present day characters … [Read more...]

International Canaries Heineken Jazz Festival (Saturday, July 9)

The Jazz Festival was set up in 1992 as a project limited to Gran Canaria involving musicians from the islands. It was warmly received, allowing it to grow immediately and is now celebrated across the Archipelago and other places in Lanzarote. Since then, the International Canaries Jazz Heineken & More Festival has taken place every year and has achieved great international … [Read more...]

The Malpaís Festival of Performing Arts or Festival de Artes Escénicas Malpaís

All parts of the city of Arrecife, from roads, corners and streetlamps, to building fronts and paving stones, transform into stages, props and silent characters of the largest street performing show in the Canary Islands: The Malpaís Festival of Performing Arts or Festival de Artes Escénicas Malpaís . The historical quarter of Lanzarote's capital, is one of the few places that … [Read more...]

Swimming across El Río (September 28, 2013)

This lively sporting contest, organized by the Real Club Victoria from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, takes place on the last Saturday of September every year. Participants have to swim a little under a mile [a little over 1 km], the distance that separates El Risco de Famara beach (Lanzarote) and Caleta del Sebo, on La Graciosa island of the Chinijo Archipelago (in the northeast … [Read more...]